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Purchasing land and building your own home or investment property is one of the most exciting projects in life, and with our expert advice you will feel even more excited to know that you will be completing the project on time without unnecessary costs with great benefits for you and your family. We have extensive and in-depth knowledge on a variety of land and construction funding options, and are specialists in sourcing medical fitout and construction funding.

There are many questions to answer and aspects to consider. Questions like “where do I purchase vacant land? How much can I afford for land and then the construction costs? How do I find a builder and do I need an architect? Who will submit my construction plans for approval and what is the process before I can begin construction? Do I settle my vacant land purchase first and then look for a builder or can I do this simultaneously? What if I want to subdivide my land? Are there any government grants available? Which lender will fund my vacant land purchase and the construction costs and which loan options are most suitable for my situation? The list goes on, but we are here to provide you with expert advice and guidance each step of the way to complete your land purchase and construction.

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