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Understanding your mortgage settlement of key milestones

On our initial contact, whether you were referred to us or did your own search for our services, we will try to understand your requirements by having a general conversation with you usually on the phone at the initial stage. After that, we will prefer to take an appointment at a suitable time and then get to know your requirements in detail. Before your meeting we would usually ask you for your contact details like name, phone number, and email so that we can provide you with an appointment confirmation and the appropriate process and check list of initial supporting documents you would need to bring along to your initial meeting at our office.

When we meet first, we will generally complete a Client Needs Analysis to understand your requirements and situation in detail. A Preliminary Assessment may also be completed if necessary for your situation at this initial meeting. Sometimes one meeting is not sufficient as everyone has different situations and subsequent meetings may be necessary, which may require your Preliminary Assessment to be done at a subsequent meeting. This is typically the situation if you are looking to proceed with an off-plan property purchase. Depending on your situation, lending requirement complexity, and meeting requirements a Credit Proposal Disclosure, which outlines the suitable loan type for you, will be provided. If applicable to your situation a Quote may be issued for you.

After you choose the loan type and accept the terms and conditions explained to you, we proceed to submit the loan application suitable to your situation on your behalf, once you provide us with a signed Consent and all required supporting documents.

Once your loan has been conditionally approved we generally provide you with the Conditional Approval letter and may ask you to provide further requested documents to fulfil the conditions and a valuation to be ordered if applicable to your situation, unless the valuation was already ordered upfront depending on your lending requirements.

Once your loan has been approved, we will provide you with the Approval Letter as well as a copy to your solicitor where applicable to prepare for the settlement process. At this stage we can assist you with applying for the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) if you are eligible and require us to assist you.

Typically within 3-5 working days of your loan approval the loan documents will be prepared and issued. We will contact you to advise once the loan documents are ready for you to come and sign at our office. Once signed we generally return the signed loan documents on your behalf to the lender, unless your situation requires otherwise. Usually, the lender can take up to 5-7 working days to verify your signed loan documents. Once the lender is ready to book a settlement date the lender liaise directly with your solicitor to take disbursement directions and to make a settlement date booking.

On the booked date your loan is settled. Once the settlement is complete you will be able to get the keys to your new dream home if you are purchasing, be able to access your drawn funds if you are refinancing from another financial institution, or getting equity release depending on your lending requirements.

Lenders you know and trust


  • “I wanted to let you know that I and my wife are happily living in our own home only because of your efforts in getting our home loan approved in less than 5 days’ time. We are delighted and overwhelmed by the support given by you and your team. We are very grateful for the kind of service that you have provided to us.”

    “Thank you once again. I am looking forward to work with you again for my future purchases.”

    “Thank you”

    Written by S.Perumal in May 2017

  • “Vishal and the team were of great assistance to our recent investment property purchase.”

    “Without their hard efforts, I don’t know how we would be able to go through on that opportunity without them.”

    “Based on our experience, I would certainly recommend Unique Finance Services to others.”

    Written by S.Amir in April 2017

  • “I am writing this letter to take the opportunity to appreciate the great service and specifically thank two people Mr Vishal Gupta and his assistant from Unique Finance Services who went above and beyond to get us finance approved in a short time frame.”

    “I am glad that I have come in contact with Unique Finance Services and delighted to provide feedback on my experience with the staff members at Unique Finance Services.”

    “I have received excellent service which was above and beyond my expectation. The team worked seamlessly to get very difficult situation to a positive outcome within a limited time frame. Our situation was very carefully & cleverly assessed to find a proper solution to meet our needs which has ended with a positive outcome and in turn made our dreams come true.”

    “In my experience all staff members at Unique Finance Services are very experienced. They know their Products and Job well. Their ability to handle difficult situations with care and understanding and turning it into a positive outcome is outstanding.”

    “Their great service made me feel that they valued my business with them and also felt that they are serious about providing excellent service to develop and maintain a long-term relationship and just one off service.”

    “I would love to recommend Unique Finance Services to anyone who needs Financial Services assistance for now or in the future. All I can say more to add to their current service practice is to keep up the good work.”


    Written by S.Vittal in April 2017

  • “I found the team very effective, co-operative, and very helpful. I was assisted every single way throughout the whole process. I was having lots of anxiety but the team made everything easy.”

    Source: Client Survey October 2014

  • “The team was extremely helpful and the lending process was made easy to understand. We were advised of various product choices and recommended the best suitable for us.”

    Source: Client Survey October 2014

  • “The variety of suitable loan options presented to us were many, flexibility, easy to understand, helpful and patient.”

    Source: Client Survey October 2014

  • “The team always advised us what would be the best suitable option for us without recommending any unwanted services or products. The ease of sorting all the paperwork throughout the loan application process was the best.”

    Source: Client Survey October 2014


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